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What's happening at Programmed
New Zealand Budget 2023
The New Zealand economy is slowing, and it is likely to be the injection of government money that will prevent... More
22 May 2023
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Helping to Protect the Kea, New Zealand’s Unique Mountain Parrot 
Programmed and PERSOLKELLY are continually looking for new ways that they can contribute to society and positively make a difference... More
Environment & Sustainability
29 November 2022
New economic challenges begin to materialise
As New Zealand emerges from the throes of the pandemic, it’s something other than COVID-19 that has politicians and... More
24 July 2022
Celebrating Matariki!   
What is Matariki?This year Matariki is being celebrated as a public holiday for the first time in Aotearoa New... More
Diversity & Inclusion
21 June 2022
Supporting Our Community Heroes
Nearly 12,000 New Zealanders volunteer at Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ), some of which are Programmed workers. Here at Programmed,... More
Safety & Wellness
14 November 2021
Tips for a successful first day at a new job
We all know that first impressions count, and unfortunately, they can only be made once. Therefore, there can be a... More
3 October 2021
What not to do in a job interview
Our Programmed Professionals team share all the top interview etiquette blunders they have witnessed over the years and how to... More
6 February 2019
Warm up for work and avoid injuries
Warming up isn’t just for professional athletes or something you do before a gym class, it’s important for... More
8 October 2018
Take a moment to be mindful
How are you feeling today? Have you taken time to care for your mind like you would your body? Have... More
4 October 2018
Be work positive and help create a happy workplace
The most successful workplaces are those in which everyone works well together to create a positive work environment. Happier workplaces... More
4 October 2018