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A small change puts the customer first

12 December 2019

As our Programmed Facility Management (PFM) New Zealand team discovered recently, small changes can mean big rewards. They thought outside the box and scaled back the size of their contract vehicles, delivering in the process a win for both our customers and the environment.

Most areas of New Zealand have between 600 and 1600 mm of rainfall per year. With the ground often wet, the contract team noticed that our utes were not only damaging yards but also presenting a safety risk for contractors.

“When we drive up to a property with the utes, they are cumbersome and oversized for our tasks,” says contract manager Rick Baker. “There is potential for damaging the grass on our customers’ yards and it also increases the amount of mud and potential damage to the property and the vehicle. We have to be mindful when parking, entering or exiting the vehicles in confined areas.”

There are also safety hazards to consider especially driving and walking on wet ground, as the potential for slips, trips and falls increases.

With the business and customer in mind, the decision was made to change to a smaller SUV model, the Mitsubishi ASX which is more fit for purpose. “I’m a big guy and I like a big truck, but we always have our customers’ front-of-mind, so the business case for change made perfect sense,” says Rick.

While the decision to switch was customer-focused, it has delivered environmental benefits as well. “Our team members are averaging between 24,000 and 29,000km per year. While it’s still early days, I expect we will find cost savings in energy consumption, C02 outputs, and diesel road user charges,” Rick says.

By making one small change and putting our customer first, the New Zealand team has found a way to reduce safety risks and potential for property damage, while also reducing their environmental impact and emissions.

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