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There have been a number of incidents where workers have had Tenants present weaponry of some description to them. In all events all workers were able to remove themselves from the property before any negative outcomes occurred. These events have provided a reminder to all personnel accessing tenanted properties to adequately consider the potential risk associated with tenant related hazards and ensure adequate controls are implemented.

Programmed employees and contractors must never place themselves at risk -

  • When presented with a weapon, workers must immediately remove themselves from the property.
  • When tenants are aggressive, workers must immediately remove themselves from the property.

Before leaving a vehicle, consideration should be made to a safe exit plan for all properties. This involves ensuring there is a safe and accessible route from the property that cannot be blocked, your vehicle is parked in a manner that you can drive away from the property in one motion.

What can be done differently to prevent a similar event from occurring?

Rules & Procedures

  • Review the work order for customer risk ratings or security warnings which may relate to the property or tenant/s. For risk rated properties

    • Do NOT visit a risk rated property if the tenant cannot be contacted by phone.
    • Organise a second person or security to accompany the visit. Their role is to continually scan for threat
    • Prior to the appointment both people should meet before heading to site. They will discuss the potential risks and avenues of removing themselves if things turn bad.
    • Supervisor will activate the ADT Lone Worker app
  • For all properties:

    • Assess the property for potential risks and indicators of concern: dogs; damage; aggressive persons …
    • Vehicles will be parked in a way to enable a quick exit if required
    • Identify a safe exit route and plan for the unexpected.
    • When presented with a weapon workers are to leave the site immediately and organise appropriate controls for returning to the site.
    • Consider use of the lone worker application for all lone works not just CRIP Rated (higher risk) properties.

HSE Representative: Emilie Strachan
Date of Issue: 14/11/19

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216 – Tenants and Weaponry
Categories: Safety Alert