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An incident occurred recently where a Swing Stage power cable became twisted and caught under the Swing Stage Cradle, resulting in the cable being damaged and causing loss of power to the stage itself. The loss of power caused the Swing Stage to be stranded part way up a building and the Swing Stage crew had to exit the cradle via a balcony they were next to. Similar incidents have occurred previously on other project sites where there has been damage to the swing stage cable.

As part of the daily setup and throughout works, Swing Stage, operators are required to check that no cables can be entangled when the Swing Stage is in operation. Failure to visually check that the cable was clear when moving the cradle contributed to this incident. Cords should be supported in such a way to prevent the cradle from fouling or causing mechanical damage. All Swing Stage components should also be inspected for damage, wear and cracks, before use.
No injuries were sustained as a result of this incident and damaged cable, although the potential was there for a possible electric shock if the damaged cable had contacted the metal on the cradle.

Incident Overview

What can be done differently to prevent a similar incident from occuring?

Housekeeping & Order

  • Ensure the power cable and Swing Stage wires are in their correct position and not covered by equipment or waste materials.

Postions of People

  • Ensure Swing Stage operators are constantly checking cable positions when operating the Swing Stage.

Protective Equipment

  • Always ensure correct PPE is worn when operating Swing Stages.

Rules & Procedures

  • Visually check the power cable prior to and during Swing Stage cradle movement to ensure it is not entangled or in a position where it could be damaged.

Tools & Equipment

  • Ensure equipment pre-start checks are complete and all of the equipment is fit for purpose.

HSE Representative: Brendan Ewington
Date of Issue: 14th July 2020

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225 – Swing Stage Power Cable
Categories: Safety Alert