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Considerations for Commercial Landscapes

8 November 2016

Be it apartment or office buildings, hotels or business parks, well-maintained commercial landscapes are a definite plus. As any property owner or professional strata manager will tell you, a good looking vista boosts perceptions, heightens property value and provides great satisfaction to tenants and owners alike. After all, who wouldn’t like to live or work where the grass is indeed greener?

Commercial Landscaping

Keeping up appearances, landscaping-wise that is, is also a scene that changes in accordance to the times. Commercial landscapes are not immune, and in fact face additional challenges in terms of keeping in step with not just what’s in, but also staying apace with maintenance needs and capabilities.

When implementing or updating your property’s landscape, how do you assess if your preferences are right for you and suited to its setting?

Each property’s setting, occupants and owner preferences are different. When making such landscaping-related decisions, it will be of great help to know the answers for the most pressing questions. Do you have a strong preference towards having a low maintenance garden? Do you want a native garden? What kind of grass would you like, or would you just prefer artificial (or even no grass at all!)? Are you able to maintain the foliage and health of the plants or landscaped area? Is there have reliable water access throughout the property?

Design and aesthetic considerations include the inclusion of water features on site, like a pond for example. What types of trees do you prefer to have and are they fit for purpose? Should the plants be ones that flower? Small, large or no hedges? What about the occupants at the property: could they potentially be allergic to certain plants? Is there sufficient awareness that certain plants, though common and a great favourite among many, such as Lilly Pilly, ones tending to attract pests?

Put simply, it is crucial to have a clear vision of your landscaping needs before proceeding to create a stunning landscape conducive to all. This means melding visual needs with the needs of both occupants and owners, as well as ensuring landscaping design, irrigation and plant choices best fit the environment.

Astutely, many commercial properties have chosen to outsource landscaping maintenance nowadays, seeing value in their ability to uphold present day standards, meet needs and derive an overall improved outcome. The specialist input from professionals, not just in grounds care and planning, but importantly in the decision making with regards to structure, plant choice and environment has often yielded benefits and results beyond the reach of even the most avid of everyday gardeners, and in a much shorter time.

Is your existing landscape adding value to your property? Or would you like to find out if the existing garden design, trees or plant choices are best suited commercially to your setting? Get all your questions answered. From simple fact finding to full-scale upgrades, Programmed is ready to help. Ask a question now.

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