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Data-driven maintenance: work smarter, not harder

13 December 2020

The higher education sector is facing the ever-growing challenge of continuously improving efficiency and reliability, while providing an enjoyable educational environment.

Data-driven maintenance at Monash University
Leveraging technology at Monash University

New technologies are disrupting this sector and changing the way many facilities conduct their business. Utilising these new technologies and a data-driven approach will allow education facilities to thrive in this modern and unknown environment.

Digital disruption

With an increase in virtual education activities, there is a widespread need for enhanced technological capabilities, as the traditional modes of operation become obsolete. To remain relevant, Australian universities will need to introduce new business models that facilitate innovation and utilise the interconnectedness of technology.

Artificial intelligence and automation will continue to improve; as a result, didactic teaching will become redundant. Introducing smart tools will allow learning to be personalised, dynamic and interactive, no matter the discipline.

Data-driven decisions

There is no doubt that data is growing exponentially, with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated per day; however, education facilities are failing to take full advantage of its potential. Data provides valuable insights into day-to-day operations; as a result, education facilities can benefit tremendously from this approach.

Allowing your decisions to be guided by data, rather than a gut feeling, provides evidence-based optimisations. Insightful reports and automated dashboards can assist in making impactful decisions. In addition to this, it can help demonstrate to board members a practical and efficient use of resources.

See it in action

Programmed has been able to help Monash University, one of Australia’s leading tertiary education providers, leverage technology to understand their assets better. Through the creation of Konect, Programmed was able to manage 50-60 assets through this GPS locations system. This provides an accurate picture of the asset, the condition of the asset through real-time data. The team are now looking into creating tasks through Konect that will manage the routine and cyclic maintenance of those assets.

As the learning environment continues to evolve, the need for education providers to adapt is necessary for survival. Embracing new technologies and a data-driven approach is essential to compete in this sector; with disruptive innovation being the rule, not the exception.

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