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What You Know vs What Customers Know About Your Property

6 June 2019

Let’s discuss the importance of directional signs with arrows, also known as wayfinding signage. We might able to identify the gaps in what you know about your property compared to what your customers know.

eCORE: Directional Signs with Arrows

What are directional signs?

Directional signage prevents the everyday person from getting lost on your property. Directional signs with arrows enhance the day to day life by helping people find their destination.

They are installed in strategic and obvious locations in key areas of commercial and social infrastructure, such as:

  • Shopping centres
  • Airports and trains stations
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Sports stadia
  • Schools and universities
  • Office buildings

What you know about your property:

You know your property inside out. You have a visual map of the property in your head. You can navigate your property with ease. But, in this age where customer experience is everything, what your customer’s experience may not match what you want them to experience. For customers experiencing your property for the first time, the experience can be a maze of confusion and frustration. Is this the experience you want them to have?

Wayfinding design can be a matter of listening to your customers and understanding their challenges. Especially in transport hubs, starting with a model and refining your wayfinding signage based on customer feedback can be the best approach.

What your customers know about your property:

In most cases, your customers will have very little knowledge about your property, but they will have a great expectation that their experience will be a good one and that you will have thought about their journey as a valued customer. Their expectation will be that you will cater to their needs, guiding them to and through your property so that their experience is seamless and aligned with the quality of your brand.

Your customers will ask themselves:

  • Where am I?
  • Where do I need to go?
  • How do I get there?

Why are directional signs important?

Providing the right visual cues at the right time through good wayfinding signage is the perfect way to create a seamless journey experience for your customer. More than just arrows on signs and breadcrumbs along a path good, wayfinding signage incorporates messaging and a style that aligns with your brand and compliments how you want customers to experience your brand.

Part of your wayfinding signage solution will include directional signage.

Directional signage helps to move people in the right direction through a busy building. It also reduces unneeded foot traffic and congestion in thoroughfares. Good directional signage prevents customers from getting lost on your property and is a part of the overall wayfinding signage solution which forms part of good wayfinding design.

Keep it simple and let your customers rely on visual cues instead of excessive written information. Show cues that easily identify your customer’s current location and a navigational path to their destination.

Our corporate imaging team apply research and design principles to cater to what you know about your property and what your customers will want to know when faced with an unfamiliar setting.

Contact Programmed today to arrange your wayfinding design consultation.

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