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Elevating Our Sports Parks: A FIFA Journey to Remember

6 October 2023

As the world geared up for the FIFA World Cup, our team at Programmed Facility Management embarked on an incredible journey.

The direction was clear: to transform Seddon Fields, Olympic Park and Fred Taylor Park into international standard training facilities, and it’s a journey that was about more than just the beautiful game; it was about a long-term commitment to community, preparation, and the promise of unforgettable seasons ahead for our communities.

The process began with a meticulous transformation of our surfaces. It involved core harvesting, coring at 50 x 50mm centers, and a 30mm sand carpet creation. But our efforts didn’t come without their share of challenges; collaborating with various stakeholders and subcontractors to ensure fantastic outcomes whilst maintaining our unwavering commitment to perfection.

The grass at Olympic Park saw a metamorphosis, transitioning to Spartacus Ryegrass. This change, accompanied by intensive maintenance, ensured that the field remained in top shape for the FIFA World Cup. Our relentless efforts involved regular seeding, fertilizing, and meticulous disease control throughout and this was recognized by FIFA at the end of the Tournament.

Fred Taylor Park #1, also underwent a parallel transformation. The focus here was on under sowing with Spartacus seed, moisture management, and applying fertilizers and fungicides. As the park flourished, it became not only FIFA-ready but an ongoing source of pride for the community.

Our dedication to these projects wasn’t just about FIFA. It was about giving back to the community, ensuring the clubs have world-class facilities in the seasons ahead. As FIFA came to an end, our fields continue to serve as a legacy of excellence.

We believe in the power of soccer to unite communities, and our work at Olympic Park and Fred Taylor Park embodies that spirit. Well done to all who were involved.

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