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Where to next? Simplifying wayfinding for hospitals

6 October 2020

There’s nothing easy about a hospital visit. A visit can be made all the more stressful by losing your way to an appointment, being late, or getting completely lost. For a large health facility like a hospital, you need a way to direct people so they don’t get lost. An ideal healthcare wayfinding solution makes navigation easy and natural. Visitors arrive at their destination quickly with minimal confusion.

Clear signage is crucial. The attention of Healthcare staff should be focused on patients, not aiding lost wanderers through a maze of hospital hallways. Late arrivals can disrupt the vital scheduling of consultations and appointments. Intuitive signage solutions make all the difference in streamlining hospital activity.

Digital solutions for hospital wayfinding

Programmed have the capability to roll out the following solutions;

  • Maps throughout the space
  • Interactive directories that are easy to use
  • Multiple language support for a wider audience
  • Adaptable Content for multi-purpose rooms
  • Screens indicating the current location of visitors and the pathway to their destination.

Implementing effective hospital signage means partnering with experts in signage and wayfinding. Programmed’s eCORE Signage Solutions are customised for your navigation needs.

Hospitals are dynamic environments

Wards and facilities frequently change over the years. Modular healthcare wayfinding is ideal for a constantly shifting healthcare environment. With Programmed’s flexible wayfinding solutions, signs can be modified or moved accordingly.

Using laser cutting technology, 3D acrylic elements, or cantilevered feature panels, our eCORE signage can be set up to cater to a multitude of directional arrows, symbols, numbers, and logos.

With a high-quality signage system, hospitals can ease the way for staff, patients and visitors even through modernisation of facilities. Easy to maintain and durable, Modular signs are a cost-effective choice in hospital wayfinding solutions.

Simplify your healthcare wayfinding

Poor wayfinding can be a subtle drain on healthcare facilities. Minimise visitation stress and keep your hospital running smoothly by investing in outstanding wayfinding signage.

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