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How Many Brand Managers Does It Take to Change a Light Globe?

29 July 2013

When night falls on the city is your corporate branding a shining light or a dim figure lost in the darkness?

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The city at night
Most of us think of night time in the city as those hours around midnight or early morning when few people inhabit the streets. However in many modern cities, especially during winter, darkness surrounds us as head home or travel to work. It’s during these peak hours where brands invest heavily to promote themselves through various advertising mediums.

Only open 7 days? What about after dark?
The powerful medium of brand signage on your building or store identifies and promotes your company. It communicates ‘Here we are! Look at us’, but is it doing the best job for your brand in the peak hours of the day? Is it a shining light? Or does it suffer the curse of the blown light globe or poor illumination that we see in so many signs at night.

How much corporate brand value is lost from poorly illuminated signs or failing lighting components? And how do brand managers avoid this problem in the first place?

Start with design
Good technical design that is. The design that takes corporate branding from the paper and presentation into the real world through a skilled designer proficient in detailing what it takes to transform a logo into a 3 dimensional illuminated sign. Good design is one that considers the application, performance requirements, and maintenance requirements of the sign over the many years of its life.

The second element of design is the effect the illumination will have on the brand elements in terms of colour and brightness at night. Cool lighting, warm lighting, the brightness and colour temperature can affect the brand dramatically.

Invest in quality
Quality components are key to creating a brand that will continue to be a bright beacon, maximising the value of corporate branding through those cold wintry nights as we tackle the peak hour traffic. It’s important to consider the functionality of the components, their life cycle and the cost impact they have if they require replacement at any stage.

Maintain to maximise
Inevitably electrical and illumination components will fail at some point in time. So it is prudent to set up a maintenance regime when investing in your illuminated brand assets. Monthly or quarterly checks, preventative maintenance schedules, and rapid response technicians will all aid in maintaining your asset and maximising the value of your brand.

Engage an expert
When planning that rebrand why not engage a brand implementation expert. One that can provide the technical design expertise, quality component fabrication and the ongoing maintenance regimes that maximise the value of your brand assets over time.

Then the answer to the original question is that the ‘smart’ brand manager never has to change a light globe because they have invested in the 4 key elements that present their brand as ‘the shining light’ in that dark night sky.

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