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The Importance of Maintenance in the Retail Industry

10 November 2015

When it comes to the retail industry, it really pays to get the simple things right.

retail maintenance

While it may seem obvious, the physical appearance of a store, including things as simple as the condition of walls, flooring, car parks and any landscaped areas, will have a major impact on how a brand is perceived.

Yet, as almost any consumer will have either consciously or otherwise noticed, it appears many retailers do get so caught up with their core business activities that they don’t pay enough attention to careful and strategic maintenance of their physical properties

This is a missed opportunity. The direct link between retail environment, brand perception and business outcomes is well-established.

For instance, at a simple level, research studies have shown that shoppers in poorly maintained stores at unsatisfactory levels are more likely to leave and take their business elsewhere. This costs retailers a good deal in sales and can tarnish the brand’s image, according to America’s Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM).

Similarly, the cleanliness of facilities is well-documented to affect shoppers. Pretty much all of them, according to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, who reference surveys where 95 per cent of shoppers said things like dirty floors, spills or stains, along other maintenance factors influenced shopping decisions.

While it has been more commonplace in other industries traditionally, there has been a move towards maintenance contracts in the retail industry. This includes long term painting maintenance programmes and garden maintenance.

Bathrooms, plumbing and building sector retailer Reece is an excellent example to consider. The company openly prides itself on doing the simple things well.

Reece clearly recognised that it is not enough to offer the most extensive range of products and great service – but the state of their facilities is critical to leaving a good impression.

So when a consumer thinks of the Reece brand a tidy and attractive retail facility springs to mind.

In order to meet these standards, Reece currently employ Programmed Property Services to provide a long term painting and grounds maintenance programme nationally.

Benefits of Getting In Professionals

The key benefits contracting professionals is that as experts in this field, the quality of service can yield better overall results and at the same time deliver cost-savings, while allowing management to concentrate on their core business.

Programmed Property Services can design maintenance programs to protect a retail company’s brand by ensuring property maintenance is delivered through their specialist, task based property services, focused on maintenance painting and related minor building repairs, corporate imaging and signage and grounds services.

Their services are performed in the main through the direct employment of over 2,000 trained staff and tradespeople.

Click here to contact Programmed Property Services for more information or to request a quote.

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