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The Importance of a Summer School Spruce-Up

4 November 2015

First impressions count, and school students are not immune to the phenomenon.

summer school maintenance

Couple the above with another fact, namely that the condition of a school directly impacts on student performance, and anyone with responsibility for this has food for thought.

Study after study concludes that there is a direct and strong relationship between the physical characteristics of school buildings and educational outcomes.

The vast majority of this research comes from North America and it’s applicable more broadly. An example of this is a major review of all studies undertaken by the Canadian Government called the School Environment Impact Research Study, 2014. It highlighted the relationship between school cleanliness/maintenance and student performance.

The conclusion of the review stressed the importance of adequate funding for the maintenance of current structures, and could be used to demonstrate that improving the overall building condition is a cost effective way to achieve measurable improvements in student performance.

Yet while the studies found maintenance of schools is ‘vitally important’ they also said it was ‘often underemphasized and underperformed’.

This time of year is time to think about it, in the lead up to the summer break and that window of time which present the opportunity to plan vital maintenance.

Psychologists and education experts all recognise how challenging it is to motivate a class on a Monday morning after a weekend, let alone after a longer break when it is only intensified.

A good impression can be lasting and impactful for students and parents alike when they come back from the long break and how this affects performance over the school year.

Summer holiday period should be a busy time for school maintenance when staff and students are away. Taking these key steps in the lead-up to the end of the year will ensure your school looks its absolute best before they return.

Top tips to ensure your school is in prime shape for the academic year:

  • Identify what maintenance needs to be done (in relation to building assets, grounds and signage)
  • Complete an audit of your buildings and grounds (you can get a specialist like PPS to help with this).
  • Ensure your grounds are prepared for potential hot conditions
  • Locate a provider able to mobilise a large workforce over the break to ensure everything gets done in time.

Programmed Property Services is a leader in the field, with extensive experience in education with numerous long-term maintenance programmes with educational institutions spanning universities, residential colleges, catholic, independent and government schools in Australia and New Zealand. We have the experience and capability to provide project management, refurbishments, interior and exterior painting projects, grounds services and landscaping projects and playground upgrades. 

Click here to contact Programmed Property Services for more information or to request a quote.

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