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IPTV Solutions: Revolutionising Your Customer (Viewing) Experience

29 January 2017

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is a means of streaming content through the internet onto your television (downloaded and played almost simultaneously), as opposed to the traditional means of receiving television programs as broadcast signals. While this technology is not new, its capabilities have evolved, opening an entirely new range of opportunities for commercial purposes. 

What many businesses are now starting to tap into is the substantial value able to be built around the core television service (which includes global radio channels and streaming services like Netflix or Stan).

Such commercial applications lie in the customisable portals and interface, starting with the comprehensiveness of available communication avenues, such as high-speed internet access, connectivity through to personal computer hardware as well as communication platforms like Skype. These communication channels can be purposed as maps outlining the facility’s layout, newsfeeds, weather updates, menus (e.g. in the case of the hospitality or health industry), useful reminders, real-time feeds, on-demand local/international media, activity schedules and many others.

On top of these features enabling the organisation to communicate directly to the end user, the business itself  can directly benefit through improved processes, and in some cases automation. They can, for example, receive individual requests from tenants; quickly broadcast emergency information; access a control view for digital signage; provide, remove or feed content remotely; and, manage the facility’s wireless networks even its lighting or air-conditioning.

Hence, while IPTV offers broad capabilities for engagement with end users, it also provides significantly enabled topography for enhanced facility management when the myriad prospects available above and beyond core television and web-streaming are maximised.

The ability for businesses to gain increased flexibility, productivity and facility management value through IPTV has become a catalyst for Programmed Electrical Technologies (PET), which seeks to equip businesses across Australia with cutting-edge IPTV capabilities.

It is a very exciting phase for the technology right now because its multiple applications are suitable for almost every industry or organisation – whether university, school, office, hospital or health care provider. Even defence and finance industry entities with high-security environments and requirements can leverage the opportunities for advanced IPTV implementation, since it is highly customisable.

Businesses looking to be industry leaders, provide greater customer service differentiation or  even seeking ways to better empower employees are those perceptive enough to explore IPTV’s broader offerings instead of just its mainstream definition.

A great example is Resthaven Craigmore, a large aged care facility, which, with the help of PET, recently took their first steps to implementing an IPTV solution custom-designed specifically around its aged-care service requirements. The solution also takes into account Resthaven Craigmore’s unique operational and management needs which PET helped them identify through close consultation and workshops.

Demonstrating astute planning, the facility put in place an IPTV system with scalable functionality and capabilities. This means they have the crucial ability to respond with speed and agility for improved operational efficiency or service delivery as the facility grows – a potent strategy for any company seeking stay at its industry’s forefront.

Would you like your business to be an industry leader? See what possibilities IPTV makes available to your business with a  quick and simple chat to our specialists today!

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