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November Gardening Tips

24 November 2013

Our grounds team have an enormous amount of experience gained from providing grounds maintenance and landscaping services. We share their November gardening tips here.

by Jeremy Mather

November gardening tips - tomatos


We are still experiencing cooler conditions than most years, but there has been a rise in overnight temperatures and a few warm days. This becomes an important time in the garden as growth is now more consistent, and our hard work in the cooler months pays off with flowers and strong seasonal growth.  I know I am also thinking of the hot months to come and what can be done now to minimise stress on plants over the summer. I am also looking forward to the fast approaching festive season!

November Gardening Tips:

  • The season is now allowing all plants to fully wake up and grow, and seasonal flowering plants and vegies are also in full swing. This means it’s time to give them some food.  A general organic fertiliser will do for most things. If your budget extends there are specific products for different fruit trees, roses, camellias, etc.  Remember to water after fertilising. Sprinkle fertiliser on the surface of your pots or garden, rake in and water well.
  • Plant some more summer vegies. Beans can go in as seeds and there are heaps of different sorts that can be used depending on the space available. How are your tomato plants going? They should be in the ground now and can also go in pots. Ensure they are staked as this will help them to be healthier, as well as taking up less room.
  • You will notice the soil looks drier on top, but dig down and it will still be moist.  Remember this when you think it’s time to water and check first.  Pots will need regular watering though, and I would also include some liquid fertiliser every so often when you are watering your pots.
  • Enjoy the spring flowers and new growth and spend some time just being outside in your garden.

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