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Keeping Farm Source Stores Safe – Thermal Imaging Camera Case Study

28 September 2020

We all know about the devastating effects of fire, and how quickly they can take hold. There are a range of preventative maintenance measures associated with fire protection ranging from portable extinguishers to evacuation schemes. Each store is different albeit the structure of the maintenance regime is the same.  Some PM’s however are less well known.

As part of our proactive health and safety commitment, Programmed completes Thermal Imaging switchboard inspections on Fonterra’s most at-risk properties.

Using the Thermal Imaging camera to photograph a switchboard and quickly find hotspots in components and wiring, our teams can accurately and promptly identify faults. The important point to keep in mind is that infrared equipment allows us to see what our eyes otherwise cannot see.

This image (below) is an excellent example of the inspection taking place. This breaker was found to be overheating and measured at over 80 degrees Celsius. 

Our Asset Manager was alerted to the risk and subsequently raised a service request for our electrical vendor to investigate further. This particular system was aged and the recommendation is to replace the system as it is older technology and unlikely to be fit for purpose. This issue is being followed up with the Landlord (in this example it happens to be a Fonterra property) as it forms part of the infrastructure of the site, and requires approval at this level.  

Other safety areas we are following up include vehicle management, means of escape, seismic protection and asbestos control. Watch out for follow up articles on these in future editions.

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