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Programmed’s Advanced Truck Fleet

21 February 2024

Programmed New Zealand proudly presents our latest fleet of trucks, representing a significant safety upgrade from previous models. These trucks not only prioritise safety but also feature improved fuel efficiency, increased capacity, and a small, lightweight design tailored for urban environments.

Safety is at the core of Programmed’s values, with advanced features ensuring a secure environment for both drivers and pedestrians. This commitment aligns with our dedication to maintaining a modern, safe fleet. Furthermore, the trucks also contribute to a sustainable future, thanks to enhanced fuel efficiency and increased capacity, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

The small and lightweight design allows for nimble access in urban settings, addressing the challenges posed by congested streets. These trucks also come with Class 1 rating, creating opportunities for more workers to utilize these vehicles. Additionally, the tipping capability streamlines operations, minimising manual handling and enhancing overall workforce wellbeing.

Programmed New Zealand is steering the industry towards a future where innovation and responsibility go hand in hand. Emphasising the crucial need for a workplace that is not only safe but also uplifting, we strive to create an environment where everyone can work and find joy in their endeavors – embodying the spirit of not only “Zero Harm” but also “Work And Smile” too.


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