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Programmed’s Journey to Enhanced Fleet Management with EROAD 

29 November 2023

Since August 2022, Programmed Facility Management New Zealand has been on a remarkable journey to optimise fleet management and enhance safety. With the adoption of EROAD’s advanced technology platform, we’ve reached significant milestones that are revolutionising the way we operate. 

The EROAD Platform: 
EROAD, a cutting-edge fleet management system, is the cornerstone of our fleet management strategy. This innovative tool allows us to meticulously track vehicle movements, monitor driver behaviors, and improve safety across our entire fleet. You can explore the platform on their website. 

How EROAD Benefits Us: 
EROAD offers electronic road user charging and commercial services that provide electronic distance recording, GPS tracking, compliance and reporting tools, and electronic tax reporting. These services are essential for businesses with substantial vehicle fleets. For us, they translate to enhanced fleet efficiency, streamlined compliance management, reduced operating costs through optimisation, improved safety through driver behavior monitoring, data analytics, and detailed fuel consumption reporting. 

Our Fleet: 
Programmed Facility Management currently operates 367 vehicles, while Programmed Property Services oversees 105 vehicles. Our fleet covers a wide range of vehicle types, including light vehicles, heavy vehicles, trailers, and mowers, spread across New Zealand from Whangarei to Invercargill. 

Transition Timeline: 
Our journey with EROAD began in April 2022 when Programmed Facility Management acquired AIMS. Programmed Facility Management initiated the transition in May 2023, and Programmed Property Services is well on its way to completing the transition by December 2023. 

Overcoming Challenges: 
Transitioning to EROAD was not without its challenges. We faced initial issues, particularly related to driver information and scheduling to accommodate operations. However, our dedicated team, guided by responsible managers, facilitated effective group communication to address these challenges. As a result, we now have smoother operations and a more efficient fleet. 

Outcomes and Future Prospects: 
While we’re still collecting data, the early signs are promising. We anticipate reductions in accidents, improved overall fleet efficiency, and increased safety. We’re excited about the potential of EROAD’s platform to help us continue to innovate and enhance our fleet management. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we work towards our goal of having all of New Zealand fully transitioned to EROAD by December 2024. We’re committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of our fleet and look forward to the journey ahead.  

For more updates and insights, follow us on our social media channels, and be part of our journey to a safer, more efficient fleet management. 

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