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Property Maintenance that’s Programmed for Success

13 December 2020
Deciding on what to maintain and how to go about it with confidence in challenging economic times isn’t as difficult as one might think. In fact, a consistently well-presented site can be readily, and affordably, achieved with the correct strategies.
maintenance success

Realise maintenance success by adopting a planned approach.

Programmed has seen many sites and facilities achieve strong presentation through planned approaches that leverage the benefit of time.

Through strategic long-term maintenance arrangements, organisations find that they can afford to undertake consistent maintenance and implement upgrading works without the pressure of having to fully incur upfront costs. They can time and tailor works as well as structure payments to suit their needs; and even determine the tenure of the programmes. This welcomed flexibility makes it possible to continually preserve assets despite financially challenging times, which in turn helps to avoid expensive repairs later.

Prioritise works according to needs and asset condition.

Utilise a building audit to identify and prioritise works. Maintenance implemented according to the property or facility’s condition eliminates unnecessary spend, allowing you to stretch and reallocate your maintenance dollar. Through regular inspections, proactively address issues before they turn into extensive costly repairs.

Combined, the building audit and planned approach ensure the proper coordination of maintenance for timely implementation.

Don’t delay.

The longer maintenance postponed, often, the more costly it becomes. Putting off maintenance also presents greater risks. In instances of unaddressed safety requirements, this could result in injury, leading to far greater losses in terms of reputation, goodwill and property values.

Protect site and property value.

Consistent maintenance done well generally ensures sites and buildings remain safe, well-presented and in good condition – all of which equate to higher property values. Plus, keeping them pristine means that, where appropriate to the industry, any resale or rental opportunities can be swiftly capitalised.

Rely on experts.

Fully focus your energy and resources on economic recovery. Partner with experts in maintenance whose specialist skills can yield better outcomes. Your unfettered focus on core business priorities will see stronger returns as a result.

Programme maintenance for success and hedge your property against any post-COVID uncertainty. Programmed’s property service solutions are designed to simplify maintenance, making it easy for you to enhance your facility’s presentation and your site’s value. Speak to us today and see how long-term maintenance can work for you.

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