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Retirement Living Village Managers: We Celebrate You!

13 December 2020

Celebrating and congratulating Retirement Living and Aged Care Village Managers everywhere.

retirement living village managers

Programmed is proud to be a long-term supporter of the retirement living and aged care industry. We know how challenging it is to create a successful, happy and harmonious village. So, we offer Retirement Living and Aged Care Village Managers across Australia and New Zealand our congratulations for all your successes – big and small – during this challenging year.

In 2020, Programmed was able to work closely with the Retirement Living Council (RLC) to recognise their members’ contributions to making positive aging a continued reality. In our close to 20 years’ supporting this award, this year, more than any other year, we wanted to truly recognise the village managers and staff who daily work towards the ultimate goal of a successful, happy and harmonious village.

We know that the village manager is the key ingredient to a thriving village.

The village manager is the one person who ensures everyone is cared for, stays connected and who, ultimately, builds a sense of community. They are the cornerstone to each village’s success, combining a broad skill base with attention to even the smallest of things. Many times, they go well beyond the duties of their role to invest personally of themselves to ensure the well-being of not just their residents, but also their staff.

Programmed is especially proud to congratulate all the nominees and finalists of the 2020 Programmed Award for Village Manager of The Year, and of course, the National Winner, Mr David Mooney of Timberside Villas in WA. View the 2020 Regional winners of the Programmed Award for Village Manager of the Year here.

Every village manager is a true asset to their respective village, and while we have maintained close communication and partnership with our partners and customers in this industry, we do definitely look forward to being able to meet more of our retirement living and aged care industry partners and connections face to face next year at the various industry conferences and events.

Truly, we celebrate you.

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