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Return to work dad Chetz

23 May 2019

At Programmed we all know Chetz Dodia as the fun-loving accounts payable team leader, but he’s also our very first father to take 12 weeks of primary carers leave.

Starting with Programmed in 2012, Chetz is a valued member of the Programmed family, and just over a year and a half ago, Chetz and his wife Kaye became parents to their lovely son, Rishav.

When Chetz caught wind that Programmed’s parental leave was available to fathers as well he was shocked.

“I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly as it’s such a great opportunity for fathers to spend time with their children,” said Chetz.

When asked what were his considerations before taking leave, he naturally thought of his role and workload, who would look after his team and what would happen if there was an issue?

“My workload was shared within the existing team, as well as an additional team member joining to assist with my time off,” said Chetz.

Chetz’s wife Kaye is a research scientist currently working within molecular biology studies, she is also a director of the Abacus Maths Institute. Chetz taking leave has allowed Kaye to transition smoothly back into the workforce.

“Like any mother, Kaye worried about putting Rishav into day care, by me taking leave it gave Kaye peace of mind that he was in good hands,” said Chetz.

“Now that I have returned to work Rishav is in day care three days per week, and my mother-in-law has been kind enough to manage the additional two days.

“With Programmed’s flexible work offering I’m also able to start and finish earlier, meaning I can spend more time with Rishav and Kaye.”

Chetz says that any father considering taking leave should take up the offer as it’s the best bonding time a father can have with their baby.

The days were filled with activities and daddy-son-time and as Chetz emphasises, it really is a full time job.

“I truly cannot express how wonderful it was having that time with my son, it’s something I’ll always remember,” said Chetz.

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