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My Not So Secret Garden

8 October 2017

You’d be surprised at what you can learn from a simple patch of grass or potted plant. Every garden sends a message, so what does your garden say about you?

Judiciously chosen plants paired with a few concrete design principles can create a unified landscape environment and provide a window into the owner’s personality. On the other hand, a disordered landscape can put off a visitor as effectively as a stop sign.

A well-planned landscape should harmonise with your space. Highlight the architectural structure in your building with an architecturally themed garden design. Use hard elements such as ornamental pebbles, different types of gravel, and hardwood posts, married to architectural foliage such as the yucca plant, the New Zealand Flax, horsetail reed and ornamental grasses. This creates a natural landscape which both complements the design of the building and alludes to the company’s persona.

Heritage-listed properties such as historic city buildings or certain tertiary institutions can be emphasised by the installation of a period-themed landscape featuring plants of that era. Geographic themes can be evoked through use of particular plants. Create a Mediterranean feel with herbs like rosemary, oregano and thyme, combined with earthy hues like sandstone walls.

Organisations who advocate on behalf of particular communities can leverage an expert’s knowledge of plant selection and natural design principles to plant a garden which is a cultural and aesthetic link to the community, and a representation of the organisation’s ethos. Initial pruning and shaping firmly establishes your landscape within a short time frame, thus communicating the desired narrative with little delay.

When properly designed, gardens can encourage employees to spend time outside in order to “recharge their batteries” and improve concentration. Choose plants with complementary colours and textures, and then layer according to size to draw the eye towards a certain direction, or exaggerate distance. Better yet, pick plants that can serve a dual purpose of providing shade and screening away unsightly buildings.

Themed gardens can function as an expression of an organisation and its purpose, whilst simultaneously focusing attention on the building itself. To develop a charactered landscape which not only complements your property, but also tells a narrative about your organisation, speak to Programmed today for a garden that’ll truly impress.


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