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Spring back into school

17 October 2021

Shake off those blues with refreshed spaces and help students spring back into school.

spring back school

Psychologists and education experts all recognise how challenging it is to motivate a class on a Monday morning after a weekend, let alone after a longer break (like school holidays) when it is only intensified. Throw in the COVID curve ball, remote learning and students away from classrooms for extended periods, and inspiring students becomes a herculean task.

Stimulate your students’ senses with refreshed school spaces. It’s among the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective means to increase energy levels. Leverage the small wins fresh welcoming areas bring. Make it easier for teachers to encourage positive performance.

Simple steps to achieve this include:

  • Looking at your spring cleaning and maintenance list now. Conduct an audit of your buildings and grounds.
  • Plan to utilise the time when classrooms are empty and any short breaks in the term to get smaller jobs done.
    These periods are equally ideal for planning and assessing what needs to be done (whether this be building, painting and remedial works, grounds, signage or electrical and audio-visual upgrades).
  • Spread out the workload. Rather than leave everything to summer, get ahead of the busy end of year period. Clarify budgets now. Early planning helps with prioritising projects.
  • Make the most of the weather. The still-cool days of spring are best for interior painting and planting new plants. The summer days provide longer completion hours.
  • Identify providers able to help you complete the works within the timeframes so you can get all that you need done in time.

Much can be accomplished without having to wait until the year’s end to act. If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it is the importance of action and agility. Procrastination and the unexpectedness of COVID could mean unrealised opportunities.

The relationship between school cleanliness, maintenance and presentation, and student performance is well documented. Make the most of the present to consider school maintenance and the window of opportunity you now have to plan in the lead up to the upcoming year-end breaks.

Programmed’s Property Services experts are leaders in school maintenance with extensive experience across catholic, independent and government schools in Australia and New Zealand. We have the experience and capability to provide project management, refurbishments, interior and exterior painting projects, grounds services and landscaping projects and playground upgrades. It all starts with a simple conversation, so talk to us today.

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