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Stepping up in September

11 December 2019

Following the success of Programmed Skilled Workforce (PSW) in 2018, this year we were back bigger and better than ever for Steptember!

The initiative challenges participants to take 10,000 steps or more per day, for 28 days during, you guessed, September, and to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

In 2018, 68 teams from PSW joined forces to take 51,589,558 steps. This year, across the whole Programmed business 114 teams took an incredible 91,567,103 steps!

We also beat our fundraising total by over $10,000. With a total of $14,396.40 raised in 2018, and another $27,167.44 contributed this year, Programmed people have now helped contribute over $40,000 over two years to people living with cerebral palsy. This contribution helps them to get the specialised support services and equipment they need to build their independence and enhance their wellbeing.

We’re really proud of all our teams who’ve been keeping fit and raising money for a worthy cause, their efforts will help people living with cerebral palsy live their very best lives well into the future.

Congratulations go especially to the IMLT East Coasters, who took 2,845,315 steps to be our top stepping team, and Airwalkers, who raised a Programmed record of $3097.

We’ll be back for Steptember 2020, looking to outdo ourselves again for a great cause, so get ready to get stepping!

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