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Are Your Students Being Held Back by Inadequate Facilities?

21 April 2015

Architects have long championed the significant impact our built environment has on our mood and behaviour. So it would make sense then that our schools, where the wellbeing and attitudes of the students within is paramount, provide buildings and grounds that promote effective learning.

Are your students being held backRecent studies have backed up the claims of the architect, stating unequivocally “the buildings in which students spends a good deal of their time learning does in fact influence how well they learn”.

In their research on the effects of the physical learning environment on teaching and learning, The Victorian Institute of Teaching highlight a number of key factors in regards to building and grounds conditions that can influence the academic achievements of a student. The research finds that student achievement lags in school buildings which are in poor condition.

In addition to the buildings, particular focus is given to the condition of:

  • Entrance areas
  • Supervised private places
  • Public spaces to foster a sense of community (with particular attention paid to the colours used)

Keeping these areas well maintained can help to promote a positive and healthy learning environment. While the keep up of these areas may seem simple, many facets of maintaining these buildings and areas can be overlooked without the implementation of a plan.

The US Department of Education identified decaying conditions such as peeling paint, crumbling plaster, non-functioning toilets, poor lighting, inadequate ventilation, and inoperative heating and cooling systems as factors that can negatively impact the health and morale of staff and students.

An investment in professional services to help maintain your school grounds and facilities provides not only aesthetic benefit to students, teachers and visitors, but also an environment that promotes good health and morale, and most importantly encourages learning.

Click below to find out more about maintenance and painting programmes for the buildings and grounds of your school, to help give your students the best chance possible to excel:

Painting Services

Grounds Maintenance

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