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The Journey to ISO 55001 Certification

6 April 2022

Six New Zealand Ministry of Education (MoE) schools are the latest Programmed sites to become certified. The sites exceeded the traditional Asset Management ISO 55000 certification, achieving ISO 55001:2014 certification. 

Programmed obtained the certification following a complete audit process conducted by BSI – an accredited certifying body of ISO. The audit process evaluated many aspects of our Asset Management System, including the management of physical assets, asset risk, lifecycle, change and continuous improvement.

The New Zealand schools join a growing list of certified Programmed sites:

  • Hopkins Correctional Centre
  • University of Tasmania
  • Curtin University

Programmed are delighted to be recognised as an ISO certified company. It reaffirms our commitment to continuous improvement and its pursuit of best practice. Assets are at the heart of the business for many of our customers. Providing the best Asset Management solutions is one of our biggest priorities. Achieving our certification is further testament to this.

What is the ISO 55000 and ISO 55001 Standards?

The main objective of ISO 55000 and ISO 55001 is to help businesses manage their lifecycle of assets more effectively. By implementing an Asset Management System standard like ISO 55000 or ISO 55001, companies have better control over daily activities, achieve higher returns with their assets, and reduce the total cost of risk.

ISO 55001:2014 is the latest Asset Management certification in the internationally recognised ISO 55000 series. The 55001 certification goes above the ISO 55000 certification, providing clear guidance on the requirements needed to build an integrated asset management system that will allow you to run a more efficient business.

How we Achieved Recertification in New Zealand

Craig Stewart, the Contract Manager for our Ministry of Education Public Private Partnership (PPP) clients, gave us an overview of his team’s effort to achieve certification.

‘Initially, it was a sharp intake of breath when we found out we were being audited, but after discussing it with my team and the broader Asset Management team, we realised it was an opportunity.’ 

For about twelve weeks, our Strategic Regional Asset Manager, Dwayne Pretli, and a group of knowledgeable Programmed personnel shared their expertise with Craig and the team, coaching them through the process.

‘A risk-based approach helped them focus on what is important and confirmed that they are doing many things very well and to best practice’, with Craig stating that ‘it was fantastic to realise our service delivery approach aligned to 55001’.   

‘We got the chance to confirm that we were doing things as well as we believed we were and took the opportunity to measure ourselves against best practices and find areas for improvement. Working through this certification with Dwayne and the extended team has been an absolute pleasure. As mentioned previously, it confirmed the team are doing a great job in line with best practices.’ 

Moving forward, Craig and the team aim to continue to look at the asset lifecycle from a holistic viewpoint and identify and optimise the cost risk and performance of the asset systems or individual assets based on criticality. They can see a path forward where they will be better positioned to make more evidence-based decisions on how the assets will be handled in the future. 

Let Us Help You with your Asset Management

Here at Programmed, our area of expertise lies in delivering comprehensive end-to-end facility and asset management services that incorporate:

  • Spend analysis
  • Strategic asset management
  • Maintenance planning
  • Lifecycle modelling (from annual, five-year through to 40-year plans for PPPs)
  • Asset register development and ongoing asset condition auditing
  • Risk management
  • Computerised maintenance management system

We work with our customers to implement efficient asset management strategies, guiding our customers through the process of becoming certified.   

Congratulations to our teams that work tirelessly to get our sites certified and stay certified. This achievement is a testament to Programmed’s unrelenting pursuit of continuous improvement and adherence to stringent Asset Management Systems.

If you would like more information on how we can help you with your Asset Management – contact us here.

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