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Are Commercial Displays Really Better for Digital Signage?

11 April 2016

Digital signage is an important method of gaining attention from and creating engagement with potential consumers, while also being a suitable approach for getting your message across.

Commercial Displays

Although consumer displays are available at a much lower price point, commercial displays are more advantageous, particularly for long operating hours. So what are the major benefits of commercial displays compared to consumer displays?


Consumer TV’s are not designed for 24/7 workloads and thus have a limited operation time. They usually cannot disable sleep mode as it is a default setting when the displays are idle over long periods of time. These TVs have about half the life span of commercial displays, and are more likely to be replaced often due to image burnout.

Commercial displays have a ‘burn in’ capability that enables them to withstand long operating hours. This can benefit a range of workplaces such as airports where display screens are almost never turned off. Commercial displays are also designed for heat dissipation in both orientation modes, with additional fans and thermal technology that can maintain a consistent temperature for a longer operational life. Additionally, commercial displays come with higher grade power supplies to further sustain their longevity.


Consumer TVs measure between 300 – 750 nit – the unit of measurement for brightness and luminance.  They are more skewed toward the bright white end of grayscale, producing the more saturated and vivid colours associated with motion on television and video. They are also unable to produce an efficient display in direct sunlight.

Commercial displays have a clean, sleek design and offer a high level of brightness quality which ranges between 1000 – 5000 nit. They are designed to operate in bright conditions and able to withstand constant sunlight if placed in shop fronts. They produce full grayscale and linear colour tracking with all 255 different levels of luminance from black to white. Additionally, the displays can be ISF colour calibrated to match exact colour requirements of a room.


Users are able to select between portrait and landscape mode on commercial displays which enables the creation of unique display patterns. They are designed for use in public spaces and high traffic environments, which enables them to be placed in a wide variety of positions. Additionally, commercial displays are fitted with more inputs, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA and Display ports, this enhances their compatibility with a range of different systems.

Portrait orientation option is not available on consumer televisions, limiting display creativity. They are also limited by often only having an HMDI port.


Commercial displays contain heavy duty components such as wiring, resistors, and capacitors designed to handle greater wear and tear over time. These components also increase resistance to corrosion, deterioration, and the effects of high operating temperatures, which increases the longevity of the display. Moreover, the displays have enhanced glass module screens for long operation and are less sensitive to developing image retention issues. Commercial displays also have security features that involve the locking of the front panel from the public.

Typically, consumer displays do not offer a way to lock controls.

The investment in good quality commercial digital displays for digital signage purposes is well worth it. Retaining image quality and brightness over a long lifecycle coupled with durability and security provides good return on investment. Displaying your quality brand deserves a high quality display.

Programmed offers a range of customised digital signage solutions. Contact us for more information on how you can get the right commercial display for your business.

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