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Waiheke Island’s Newest Gem: The Pumptrack at Tawaipareira Reserve

30 May 2024

At Programmed Facility Management New Zealand, community enhancement is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the completion of the pumptrack project at Tawaipareira Reserve on Waiheke Island.

Managed and delivered by our experienced project team—comprising Brent Daw, Alex Smith, Avnit Gounder, Mike Smith, Nicole Daw, and Malcolm MacIver—we’ve worked tirelessly alongside Auckland Council to turn this vision into reality. From thorough planning to smooth execution, every detail has been carefully coordinated to ensure the success of this project.

Collaborating with Cameron Rennie from Parklife, we’ve introduced the latest in pump-track technology to Waiheke Island. Cameron’s expertise and commitment have been instrumental in ensuring that the track meets the highest standards of durability, maintenance, and accessibility for riders of all skill levels. Additionally, his team’s artistic touch has added a vibrant flair to the nearby basketball court, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the reserve.

We’re proud to have partnered with our self-delivery team and Programmed contractor, JFC, to complete the various components of this project. From concrete works to track installation, every aspect of the project was handled with accuracy and professionalism.

In March, the project was handed over to Auckland Council for the grand opening day. The local community’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with residents expressing their excitement and appreciation for this new state-of-the-art facility. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in creating spaces that bring people together.

As we continue to strive for excellence in community development, we look forward to seeing the pump-track at Tawaipareira Reserve become a hub of activity and enjoyment for years to come. Join us in celebrating this milestone and let’s create even more opportunities for connection and recreation in our communities.

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