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Laying It On Pink

12 December 2016

With the help and expertise of Programmed’s landscaping team, The National Gallery of Victoria are playing host to one of the coolest spots in Melbourne this summer.

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia. The gallery parades a wide range of international and local artist collections including exhibitions, programs and events free for all to share in. This spring, the NGV Architecture Commission opened their 2nd annual competition inviting architects to consider innovative ways to bring playfulness to the NGV’s Grollo Equiset Garden.

Melbourne-based M@ STUDIO Architects’ reinvention of the suburban car wash won the competition, and Programmed was privileged enough to bring this bright, colourful concept to life.

It wasn’t the first time though we were doing this, and our Corporate Imaging team had earlier delivered a similarly unique, award winning architectural installation in 2015 at the NGV. This time around, it was our Landscaping team who trooped down to once again work the Programmed magic.

Entitled, ‘Haven’t you always wanted…?’ this year’s installation is an evocative structure consisting of fluorescent lighting, a lightweight steel body, layered cricket netting, a translucent polycarbonate roof and bright pink turf.

The blushing turf was most important, being the display’s groundwork, and included five lanes of bright pink turf complete with rubberised humps and road markings. Beneath the turf, our team also provided drainage and soil works to accommodate the diffuser mists that recreated the experience of being at a car wash. Completing this, is a glittering ‘car wash’ sign that illuminates the area after dark.

Laying it on pink for the NGV’s Spring/Summer exhibition definitely ranks as one of our more fun, light-hearted projects. And an immensely satisfying one because we had to work within tight timeframes and a really compact space while making sure the display wasn’t washed away by the very wet and unpredictable Melbourne weather.

The space and car wash is open to the public and will be used for events, talks, live music performances and more before it is taken down in April 2017. If you are able to, why not take a walk on the pink side of life these holidays and get up close with Programmed’s handiwork. While you’re there, do take a photo and send it in to us.

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