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Welcome to Eden: Digital Engagement Made Easy

18 September 2016

We have all been there. You want to interact with your staff, customers and all other stakeholders to maintain effective company communication while building a great brand. You try Social Media, Newsletters, Company Intranet and more. You are pumping in the money to these channels but they don’t deliver on digital engagement – especially if the stakeholders that you are aiming to reach are not constantly connected to your intranet (which is usually the case).

There has to be an easier way to do this right?

Programmed is powering an enterprise digital engagement network solution (EDEN) to cater to this exact requirement. We realise that as long as your workforce is connected to or nearby digital devices – that’s exactly where this engagement needs to take place. A straightforward solution allowing you to reach out to any stakeholder, anytime allowing scope for them to reach back to you with the same convenience.


The flexibility of using one channel (EDEN) to reach any digital device in your network or on your premises (including mobile devices, digital signage or broadcasting/conference tools) with an interactive experience is key. You decide whether the digital engagement takes place through direct access to your network at a push of a button, scheduling for predetermined time frames in the future, or simply automated; depending on the content you are sending through.  It just makes sense for a present day organization to have the capability to immediately send out a safety alert to your staff (and actually get their attention!) or be able to monitor real-time engagement data from your communication efforts.

If you think your organization can be better enabled with the digital engagement capability of EDEN, or would simply like some advice on whether it can be right for you – please contact our specialist team and we will be happy to offer some insights!

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