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Multi-site Transition with Implementation Complexities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Customer

Our customer is a primary manufacturer of industrial products.

Project Description

In April 2020, Programmed was asked to present a multi-site contingent labour supply solution across New Zealand and Australia for one of Australasia’s largest manufacturers of industrial products.

In September 2020, after a series of meetings and presentations, the Programmed team was awarded a contract to coordinate transition of 60+ employees across 20 sites across New Zealand and Australia.

Project Solution

Upon contract Award in September 2020, the Programmed National Account Management team worked closely with our customer’s implementation team to coordinate a series of “next steps”.

With COVID-19 lockdown rules in force, our weekly discussions were held via videoconference where we worked through a standard agenda which covered:

  • Safety Implementation
  • Relationship Building
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Coordination of exit for previous incumbent
  • Transition Process
  • Technological Process
  • Other Business

By early November 2020 our customer and Programmed Skilled Workforce were able to designate a “go live” date.

Programmed’s Major Accounts Team consists of several highly experienced National Account Managers (NAM) played a very important role in ensuring that we deliver on our promises.

Naturally, they become an escalation point for customer’s problems and concerns. At times, the expertise of a NAM is most evidently on display when problems become more complex.

At times, they need to articulate a difficult message back to the customer, to enable the customer to understand the nature of the problems we encounter and how these might be addressed. In the case of the example outlined above, the NAM addressed problems systematically in the following categories:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Technical implementation
  • Relationship structure
  • Tight labour market

Project Outcome

The first 12 months into our relationship with this major international manufacturer, our National Account Manager has been able to address a series of problems; create a consistent solution; ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction and grow the relationship (in fact, spend increased by 48% in Q2 2020 as compared with Q1).

We were able to achieve quotas relating to gender diversity and safety performance.

Services we delivered
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Staffing

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