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What's happening at Programmed
Programmed expands New Zealand footprint with new Transpower partnership
Programmed partners with Transpower, New Zealand's national grid provider to maintain 174 sites nationwide. More
1 March 2024
New Zealand Budget 2023
The New Zealand economy is slowing, and it is likely to be the injection of government money that will prevent... More
22 May 2023
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Infographic: The Unsung Hero of Wayfinding
Wayfinding is an unsung hero. Often taken for granted, it plays a vital role directing people around facilities and outdoor... More
7 August 2021
Make a name for yourself with strong signage.
Stand out with these signage solutions. Every industry recognises that a strong brand is necessary. A brand builds value, gives... More
13 December 2020
Environmental Graphics – Making Empty Spaces Fuller
Vivid designs and interactive video walls are some ways the boring walls of yesteryear are now being excitingly transformed. Ever... More
5 October 2016
Has Signwriting Had its Day? Certainly Not!
Despite modern methods of signage production, traditional hand signwriting continues to provide brands with a novel solution to their signage... More
25 July 2016
The Dos and Don’ts of Rebrand Rollouts: Controlling the Message from Design to Delivery
There’s a lot to consider with any rebrand, but generally speaking consistency and efficient management are always key to... More
10 November 2015
Corporate Signage – It Can Make or Break Your Brand
Take a quick look around on any street in any city and chances are there will be a world signs... More
26 August 2015
5 Essential Rules for Signage
Investing in signage as a highly visual representation of your brand is a big step for many businesses. Getting it... More
10 June 2014
Digital Wayfinding: What You Need to Consider
More organisations are adopting digital wayfinding methods to inform and direct visitors around their large facilities. If you are thinking... More
13 April 2014
War Against Signage
The Mayor of the Sydney suburb of Mosman, Peter Abelson, has waged a ‘war against signage’ aimed at reducing the... More
24 February 2014