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What's happening at Programmed
Programmed expands New Zealand footprint with new Transpower partnership
Programmed partners with Transpower, New Zealand's national grid provider to maintain 174 sites nationwide. More
1 March 2024
New Zealand Budget 2023
The New Zealand economy is slowing, and it is likely to be the injection of government money that will prevent... More
22 May 2023
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How Retail Businesses Can Fund Sustainability Projects
In a challenging economic environment for retail businesses sustainability improvements can provide a much-needed boost to their bottom line. For... More
17 January 2017
Educating A Sustainable Future At Our Schools
The sustainability of schools has become a key consideration for principals, teachers, parents and students. So how can they make... More
10 January 2017
Do You Know Which Areas Are Using the Most Electricity in Your Building?
Energy bills don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at home, at school, or at the office,... More
21 January 2016