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New Zealand Budget 2023
The New Zealand economy is slowing, and it is likely to be the injection of government money that will prevent... More
22 May 2023
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Is Your In-Home Technology Built to Communicate or Isolate?
Simple steps to improve your work from home set up and experience. More
1 May 2020
IPTV Solutions: Revolutionising Your Customer (Viewing) Experience
IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is a means of streaming content through the internet onto your television (downloaded and played almost... More
29 January 2017
IoT In Your School – Putting A Complete FM Solution At Your Fingertips [Infographic]
The Internet of Things (IoT) is putting power in the hands of educators, school administrators and principals. It places all... More
2 November 2016
Product Watch: Video Conferencing Simplified with Cisco WebEx
Cisco WebEx makes it simple for businesses to immediately connect with anyone anywhere. This cloud based video conferencing solution is... More
27 July 2016
Infographic: How to Video Conference Like a Pro
Video conferencing has made connecting with employees, customers and partners across the world easier than ever. As it quickly becomes... More
25 July 2016
Aged-Care Facilities Must Be Ready for Tech-Savvy, Information-Obsessed Baby Boomers
From single dwellings to multi-residential buildings, the number one consideration for residential design is that the home suits the occupant. &... More
4 November 2015