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What's happening at Programmed
Programmed expands New Zealand footprint with new Transpower partnership
Programmed partners with Transpower, New Zealand's national grid provider to maintain 174 sites nationwide. More
1 March 2024
New Zealand Budget 2023
The New Zealand economy is slowing, and it is likely to be the injection of government money that will prevent... More
22 May 2023
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Infographic: The Unsung Hero of Wayfinding
Wayfinding is an unsung hero. Often taken for granted, it plays a vital role directing people around facilities and outdoor... More
7 August 2021
Digital Signage – Giving Them a Reason to Look
Digital signage has given immense power to retailers. Instead of being threatened by fragmented consumer attention due to multiple media... More
20 June 2017
The Impact of New AV Technology in the Health Sector
Advancing Audio Visual (AV) facilities have affected the way workplaces, universities and school settings engage and interact. The Health sector... More
8 March 2017
Are Commercial Displays Really Better for Digital Signage?
Digital signage is an important method of gaining attention from and creating engagement with potential consumers, while also being a... More
11 April 2016
3 Fundamental Questions to Ask with Digital Signage
There’s no denying the current demand for digital signage is of paramount importance with an ever growing need to... More
6 October 2014
Digital Wayfinding: What You Need to Consider
More organisations are adopting digital wayfinding methods to inform and direct visitors around their large facilities. If you are thinking... More
13 April 2014
Stepping Outside the Classroom With Digital Signage
Already many schools are taking advantage of digital display and interactive screens inside and around the classroom. As a communication... More
21 October 2013