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August Gardening Tips

12 August 2013

Our grounds team have a wealth of knowledge derived from their experience of providing grounds maintenance and landscaping services. We share their August gardening tips here.

by Jeremy Mather

August Gardening Tips
CC courtesy of Richard_of_England via Flickr

One month of winter to go! It has been a wet July with more frosts to top it all off. No doubt, early July saw your grounds looking a bit drab, but I have noticed later in the month some plants had started blossoming and were beginning to think about spring.

I have noticed bulbs flowering and camellias in full bloom. I have almond trees in full blossom, and my flowering japonicas are looking their best right now.

August Gardening Tips:

  • Rose pruning time – my roses at home actually started sprouting in late July, which is quite early. Cut back by about 1/3 to create an open vase form removing dead, damaged or very old stems. Use clean sharp tools. I spray my secateurs with methylated spirits to remove any possible disease.
  • Keep an eye on weeds in the garden and get them out while they are small. There are a few species of annual grasses that can take over very quickly if allowed to seed. They are easier to remove while small or apply herbicide carefully so you don’t damage nearby plants.
  • Watch out for snails. They are still around and love the moist conditions.
  • Do not forget to check if any potted plants require watering, particularly if you have moved them to a sheltered spot.
  • I have also noticed some scale and sooty mould related problems on some plants at sites I look after. These creatures love new soft shoots so again keep checking for pests.
  • Fruit tree pruning can also occur if you missed the summer prune.  Again, remove damaged, crossing or inward growing branches. Spray for curly leaf if you have stone fruit at the same time.
  • Finish the hard prune on perennial grasses and shrubs to get the best out of spring growth and flowering potential. It will soon be time to fertilise these plants as well. If it stays sort of mild, consider fertilising later this month.

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