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Programmed Staff Empowering Communities: A Story of Resilience and Compassion  

10 January 2024

In the heart of Meremere, a story of resilience and community spirit unfolds, personified by Ben Brown, a key member of Programmed Facility Management’s SDM – Digital Asset Capture team. Recently honored by the Waikato District Council for his remarkable community service during the Covid-19 crisis, Ben’s journey is more than a tale of generosity—it’s a living testament to the transformative power of individual initiative. 

Ben’s relocation from Auckland to Meremere was motivated by more than just seeking affordable housing. It was a conscious decision to become an active participant in community initiatives. His involvement in the Meremere Development Committee, a group dedicated to enhancing the town’s life, exemplifies the community-led ethos that Ben values. 

When the Covid-19 lockdown hit, Ben showcased his adaptability and commitment to service as a member of the SDM – Digital Asset Capture team. Seamlessly transitioning from ongoing community projects, Ben used his skills to address immediate and critical needs, embodying a personal dedication to supporting communities in times of crisis. 

In addition to his role at Programmed Facility Management, Ben played a pivotal role within their local food bank. Utilising the company’s resources and vehicles, he mobilized essential supplies to vulnerable families, ensuring the well-being of Meremere residents. This dual role exemplifies how Programmed’s commitment to community engagement goes beyond traditional facility management, fostering a culture of proactive service. 

Programmed supports the effort in a relatively direct manner – for instance, by putting a towbar on an electric company car so that, on the way home, Ben can pick up provisions for the food bank.  

Ben’s story is a testament to how one person, equipped with the right skills and a deep sense of community, can make a substantial difference. His ability to pivot from community projects to essential services during a crisis speaks to the transformative potential within each individual, a lesson that goes beyond conventional facility management. 

As we celebrate Ben’s well-deserved recognition from the Waikato District Council, we acknowledge not just his actions but the broader lesson his journey imparts. It’s a story that emphasizes the influence of individual skills and commitment, showcasing the remarkable impact one person can have on a community, particularly during challenging times. 

Ben’s journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting the positive change that can occur when individuals utilise their skills for the greater good. In every project, in every initiative, Ben demonstrates the power of personal initiative and community engagement. His story is a reminder that within every community, there are individuals like Ben who, with determination and skill, can make a lasting impact. Programmed’s direct support, as highlighted, further reinforces the company’s dedication to making a positive difference in the communities it serves. 

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