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Public Private Partnerships

We are the asset and facilities management partner of many successful Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) across Australasia.

We work with designers, builders, engineers, consultants and equity partners to achieve the customer’s master plan through the development and maintenance of high-quality, contemporary infrastructure.

Our role as the asset and facilities management partner means that we take on operational responsibility to deliver excellent customer service for the term of the PPP contract, which can be up to 35 years.

Our role as the asset and facilities management partner includes the following:

  • Input to design and construction through the FM brief to select the best materials and to design an asset that achieves best value for money over the long-term
  • Ongoing engagement with our partners and the customer during the design and construction stage
  • Attendance at commissioning to familiarise us with the built environment
  • Handover of the asset from the builder and management of the defects liability period
  • Management of maintenance and asset refurbishment, renewal and replacement over the term of the PPP contract
  • Engagement with customer stakeholders over the term of the PPP contract to respond to the changing dynamic environment of this local community asset.

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Ministry of Education NZ
Hobsonville, Auckland
Ministry of Education NZ
Programmed Facility Management was part of the winning Learning Infrastructure Partners consortia engaged to design, construct, finance and maintain the... More

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Our Risk Management Policy commits us to the effective management of risk across all aspects of our operations, including identifying, assessing, monitoring, managing and mitigating risks on behalf of our customers.
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ISO Certification
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ISO Certification

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